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Could your dog be our next ‘Pup of the Month’?

We are now recruiting puppies from anywhere in the UK, of any breed or cross-breed. If your puppy is 16 weeks of age or under please consider signing up, and joining the Generation Pup community. You could help us to make Generation Pup a once in a lifetime study with benefits for all of dogdom! Plus your puppy could be chosen as ‘Pup of the Month’.

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April 01 2018: Pup of the Month!

This is Freddie. He is a very handsome Clumber Spaniel. His owner had these words to share with us about Freddie: “He’s such a wonderful sensitive soul. Life is just so exciting to him. When he’s out and about his tail goes in circles he can’t really control.” We are so grateful to Karen (Freddie’s owner) and Freddie for their participation in the Generation Pup research project.

Competition Time! (1)

March 26 2018: Competition Time!

Would you like to win an iPad Air 2?

As a thank you for your commitment to Generation Pup, we have TWO iPad Air 2 tablets to give away! These were kindly donated by Dogs Trust. In order to be entered into the competition you must:

  1. Have a dog registered on the study by the 30th June 2018
  2. Have completed and submitted online/returned by post a questionnaire between the 1st March and 30th June 2018 for that dog. (ALL owners will have a questionnaire due for completion during this timeframe.)

The owners of the first two dogs randomly selected from all dogs fulfilling the above criteria will each win an iPad.

All registered dog owners will have one or more questionnaires coming their way during March – June, so if you are a Generation Pup dog owner you will be in with a chance to win! We will let you know via email or phone if you are one of the two lucky winners by the 6th July 2018. Good luck!

Generation Pup

March 21-23 2018: Dr Jane Murray presents…

An interesting poster describing early recruitment & data collection for the Generation Pup study was presented at the annual conference of the Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine which took place in Estonia in March 2018. To view this poster, please click here!

eat right

March 14 2018: 1000th Puppy Recruited to Generation Pup!

The Generation Pup team are delighted to introduce gorgeous ‘Sunny’ who was the 1,000th pup to be signed up to this amazing project!

Sunny’s owner has very kindly shared these words about her puppy:

“Sunny has now been with us for three weeks and already he is a big part of our family. He is settling in really well and Junior (our 10 year old Old English Sheepdog) is looking forward to being able to introduce Sunny to his favourite walks in the New Forest at Easter! Sunny currently spends a lot of the time chasing Junior around, playing with his toys and running around with the chickens in our garden, so the only peace and quiet we get is when he flops down absolutely worn out!”

Thank you so much to Sunny’s owner and to every single one of our other Generation Pup dog owners.


February 16 2018: It’s time for the SPRING newsletter!!

The Generation Pup Spring 2018 newsletter is out now! For those who subscribe to our newsletters, you will shortly be receiving your copy via your email inbox or the post if that is your preferred option. If you don’t currently subscribe to our newsletter but would like to, you can sign up here. If you simply can’t wait to receive the newsletter by email, you can view it here!