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Could your dog be our next ‘Pup of the Month’?

We are now recruiting puppies from anywhere in the UK, of any breed or cross-breed. If your puppy is 16 weeks of age or under please consider signing up, and joining the Generation Pup community. You could help us to make Generation Pup a once in a lifetime study with benefits for all of dogdom! Plus your puppy could be chosen as ‘Pup of the Month’.

Project news


The Generation Pup team present at conference

Three researchers from the Generation Pup team (Rachel, Fiona and Megan) participated in Universities Federation for Animal Welfare – UFAW’s Walks and Talks conference this week. It was great to share information about Generation Pup with fellow researchers from different universities, and discuss the exciting potential of this project.

Foible Grist 2

Meet Foible – Generation Pup’s Dog of the Month!

Lucy’s owner kindly shared these words with us “Contrary to his name Foible is brave, cuddly, playful and incredibly sweet. A proper dapper dog.” We are so grateful to all of our Generation Pup puppy owners for their time and dedication to this research project. We love learning all about your puppies!


The Generation Pup team recruits at a conference

Huge thanks to Dr Karen Overall and the Animal Events UK team for their support in raising awareness of the Generation Pup research project at Dr Overall’s conference in Oxfordshire last weekend. Michelle (Generation Pup team member) had the pleasure of meeting many vets, vet nurses, behaviourists and trainers who were all keen to help ‘spread the word’ about this amazing research project! We are so grateful of the support and kind help that was offered!


Does your pup want to be a star?

Would you and your Generation Pup puppy/dog like the chance to feature in Dogs Trust’s next ‘Wag Magazine’??!!! If so please send a high resolution photo of you and your dog to us at or via our Facebook page. The winning photo will be published along with an article about the Generation Pup research project in the February 2018 edition of the Dogs Trust Wag Magazine. We look forward to seeing your lovely photos!

Sept 2017

Meet ‘Elfie’, the lovely Labrador who is Generation Pup’s Dog of the Month for September!

Huge thanks to Elfie and her owner Sally who had these words to say about Elfie “She’s an adorable cuddle monster.  She loves life but quite predictably for a Labrador she loves food!  We love taking her out to explore new places.”  If you would like your dog to be considered for Generation Pup’s next Dog of the Month please send a photo and a few words about your dog to us at  Thank you so much!!!