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Could your dog be our next ‘Pup of the Month’?

We are now recruiting puppies from anywhere in the UK, of any breed or cross-breed. If your puppy is 16 weeks of age or under please consider signing up, and joining the Generation Pup community. You could help us to make Generation Pup a once in a lifetime study with benefits for all of dogdom! Plus your puppy could be chosen as ‘Pup of the Month’.

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It’s time for the summer newsletter!!

Generation Pup Summer 2017 newsletter – out now!

For those who subscribe to our newsletters, you will shortly be receiving our latest newsletter via your email inbox. If you don’t currently subscribe to our newsletter but would like to, you can sign up here. If you simply can’t wait to receive the newsletter by email, you can view it here.


Introducing the handsome Alfie….Generation Pup’s Dog of the Month for August!

Alfie’s owner, Susan, had these words to share about her lovely pup “He is the friendliest dog! He adores people and other dogs regardless of size! His favourite walk is at the park. We always meet other dogs which are friendly and he can have a good chase even with Labradors. This little man is very fast but make no mistake, at home, if he gets something like a stick and doesn’t want to part with it… the Jack Russell temper can appear, so he is not a total angel”. We are so grateful for Susan and Alfie’s participation in the Generation Pup research project.

Alfie Star

A Little Publicity for Generation Pup!

A big recruitment push for Generation Pup has begun and we are very excited (and grateful) to have recently been mentioned in two fantastic publications!

Firstly, there is an article in WAG: The Mag for Dog Lovers! For all you avid readers of this magazine, can you spot the article with the photo of the gorgeous puppies?! You can download a copy here!

Secondly, as we are seeking vets to help us recruit puppy owners, we are very pleased to have been mentioned in a well-known weekly journal called the Veterinary Record. This will help spread the word about Generation Pup within the veterinary community. Working with veterinary practice staff will aid recruitment and the success of the project, and we can’t wait to have more practices on board.


Big delivery of recruitment materials!

We have had a delivery of just a few owner recruitment flyers and posters!! If you are able to help us recruit more puppy owners to this exciting project and would like to be sent some flyers to distribute or posters to display, please get in touch via facebook, or email us at

We are particular keen to hear from dog breeders, dog trainers, and veterinary practice staff who come into contact with many puppies! Please get in touch if you can help!


Pretty Peggy is Generation Pup’s Dog of the Month!

Peggy is a bundle of nosiness! She needs to know what is going on at all times! She is my shadow. She loves water and a good swim, and boy does she love a pair of socks! No sock is safe in our house! We are so grateful to Liz (Peggy’s owner) and Peggy for their participation in the Generation Pup research project.