Generation Pup

Hey pup, be partof somethingamazing!

Hey pup, be part of something amazing!

Generation Pup is a groundbreaking study of the health, welfare and behaviour of our dogs throughout their whole lives. Sign up now >>

Generation Pup
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So, what exactly is
Generation Pup?

Welcome to Generation Pup an exciting new adventure in canine science.

Generation Pup is the first study to follow dogs of all breeds throughout their lives. We are asking owners of all UK and Republic of Ireland puppies under 16 weeks of age, of any breed or cross breed, to sign up and become part of the Generation Pup community.

By collecting information about each puppy – their environment, family, health, behaviour and experiences – we can build up a picture of a whole generation of dogs across the UK and Republic of Ireland. This means that researchers in the Generation Pup team can investigate whether aspects such as environment, social interaction, diet, exercise or daily routine may be important in the development of a range of health and behaviour conditions which impact on the well-being of our dogs.

Even if you don’t own a puppy you can still get involved. We need help spreading the word about the project.

Dogs Trust funds and operates the Generation Pup study.