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Meet the team

Generation Pup

The key members of the team are:


Dr Rachel Casey

Rachel is leading the Generation Pup project. She is a veterinary surgeon, European specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine and welfare scientist. Rachel has particular research interests in identifying early life risk factors for undesired or ‘problem’ behaviours in companion animals so that these can be prevented, veterinary epidemiology and identifying the best ways to measure and improve the welfare of dogs.

Dr Jane Murray

Dr Jane Murray

Jane is in charge of the day-to-day management of Generation Pup. Jane has vast experience in analysing risk factors for disease and behaviour problems in companion animals. She set up and led the feline sister project of Generation Pup called ‘Bristol Cats’ which follows kittens through life – her experience is invaluable in ensuring that we ask, and answer, all the right questions so that this project is as successful as it can possibly be!


Professor Séverine Tasker

Séverine is a veterinary surgeon, European specialist in internal medicine and researcher in infectious diseases. Séverine is most known for her work with cats, but has crossed species to help lend her expertise to Generation Pup. Her role is to help co-ordinate the input from a range of veterinary specialists to make sure that we collect the right information to investigate the occurrence of disease in the ‘Generation Pup’ puppies.


Rachel Kinsman

Rachel holds a BSc in Biology and a Masters degree by Research in Epidemiology. Rachel has a particular interest in how pet owners’ behaviour, attitudes, and knowledge may affect animal welfare. She is involved in many aspects of the study, but most enjoys analysing data.

Dr Sara Owczarczak-Garstecka

Sara holds a BSc in Anthropology, a MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour, and she has recently completed a PhD focusing on perception and prevention of dog bites. Sara supports Generation Pup by helping with data analysis and writing research findings.


Rosa Da Costa

Rosa has a background working in the veterinary sector and a Masters degree in Animal Welfare. She is particularly interested in dog health, especially preventative health care. Rosa enjoys analysing the responses submitted by Generation Pup owners and is involved in retrieving veterinary records, which is an additional option available to all participants.

Ben Rosier

Ben is a History graduate who has previously worked in healthcare and local government. He is now applying his various skills to ensure the administration aspects of the project run smoothly.

Adam Williams

Adam holds a Masters Dergree in Physics and previously worked in energy before joining Dogs Trust. He supports Generation Pup by using his coding skills to extract, validate and analyse data.

Research Partners of Generation Pup

The Generation Pup team at Dogs Trust are very grateful to the following veterinary practices for their assistance in recruiting puppy owners to the study, thus helping our research which aims to improve the health and welfare of dogs in the future. Dogs Trust does not endorse or recommend services provided by research partners of Generation Pup.


Adelaide Veterinary Centre  |  Albert Cottage Veterinary Clinic  |  Alexander Vets  |  Axe Valley Vets  |  Behavioural Referrals Ltd Vet Practice  |  Blairgowrie Vets Ltd  |  Braid Vets Mayfield Road  |  Bridge Vets, Bridge of Don  |  Bridge Vets, Portlethen  |  Brookfield Veterinary Practice  |  Burnham House Veterinary Surgery  | Cedar Veterinary Group |  Chandlers Ford Veterinary Surgery  |  Chapel Vets  |  Cherry Tree Vets  |  Crab Lane Vets  |  Corinium Veterinary Surgery  |  CornYard Vets  |  Culloden Veterinary Clinic  |  Dr Doolittle’s Aberdare  |  Folly Veterinary Centre


Haven Veterinary Group Ltd  |  Hawick Veterinary Practice  |  Hitchin Veterinary Surgery  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Anlaby  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Beverley Road  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Cottingham  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Holderness Road  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Park Street  |  Kingston Veterinary Group, Thorngumbald  |  Lakeview Veterinary Centre  |  The Linnaeus Group  |  London Road Veterinary Centre


MBM Vets Kilmarnock  |  Millennium Veterinary Practice  |  Millpark Veterinary Centre Ltd  |  Minster Veterinary Clinic  |  Northdale Veterinary Practice  |  Orchard Veterinary Surgery Penbode Vets  |  Provost Vet Group  |  Purton Vets Swindon  |  Rhodes Vets, Kingsthorpe  |  Rhodes Vets, Far Cotton  |  Ribble Vets Penwortham Surgery  |  Rutland House Veterinary Hospital


Stow Veterinary Surgeons  |  The Avenues Veterinary Centre – Rutherglen  |  The Brook Veterinary Clinic – Enniskillen  |  The Oak Veterinary Group  |  The Veterinary Centre, Lipson  |  The Veterinary Centre, Plympton  |  The Veterinary Centre, Plymstock  |  The Veterinary Centre, St Budeaux  |  The Veterinary Hospital, Estover  |  Vale Vet Animal Hospital  |  Vets4Pets Brislington  |  Vets4Pets Bournemouth  |  Vets4Pets Leigh  |  Vets4Pets Newtownabbey  |  Vets4Pets Newtownards  |  Vet4Pets Rawtenstall  |  Vets4Pets Trescott Road  |  Village Vet Cayton  |  Watkins & Tasker Vets  |  Wilson Veterinary Group

Previous members of the team:


Professor Toby Knowles

Toby was a key contributor to the Generation Pup Project until his retirement in 2021. Toby, a very experienced statistician with a background in animal welfare research, was fundamental in setting up the project, advising on data collection, data analysis and reporting of study results.

Josh Woodward

Josh worked part-time for 2 years with Generation Pup (2018-2020), assisting in the day to day running of the study as well as working on research publications using data from the project. Josh created infographics to share preliminary findings with owners registered on the study and helped create the photo gallery and doggy dossier – features that allow owners to see their puppy’s progression during their time on the project.

Jessie Fitts

Jessies worked part-time with the Generation Pup team. Jessie was involved in several projects, but her main focus was to help with participant recruitment and engagement, and study analysis.

Kate Main

Kate worked part-time with the Generation Pup team. As a veterinary surgeon, she worked hard on raising awareness about Generation Pup within the veterinary community. Kate also prepared a large dataset as part of our collaborative research and assisted with research publications and study analysis.

Dr Emma Buckland

Emma worked part-time with the Generation Pup team (2018-2020). Emma assisted the team in the day-to-day running of the project – creating research protocols and data cleaning processes, researching and creating survey questions and helping to spread the word about the study to help recruit study participants.

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