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Could your dog be our next ‘Pup of the Month’?

We are now recruiting puppies from anywhere in the UK/ROI, of any breed or cross-breed. If your puppy is under 16 weeks of age please consider signing up, and joining the Generation Pup community. You could help us to make Generation Pup a once in a lifetime study with benefits for all of dogdom! Plus your puppy could be chosen as ‘Pup of the Month’.

Project news

January 13 2021: Covid Update for 2021

The Generation Pup team continue to work to ensure your surveys are issued as normal. Just as a reminder:

➡️ Returning paperwork to us – For some time now, we have been able to post out vet cards and veterinary record consent forms as normal, so please keep an eye out for these and return them as requested. Should you need to request paperwork, please email us.

➡️ Returning electronic copies of paperwork to us We are able to receive post as normal. However, we are very happy to receive electronic versions of completed vet cards if you are able to email a copy/photo to us at Should you wish to send a completed veterinary record consent form please let us know and we will send you details on how to do this via a secure method.

➡️ Sampling packs The laboratory which processes your dog’s samples remains open, so please collect and return samples to us when you receive your kit.

➡️ Team response time – The Generation Pup team are still working remotely, so processing paperwork may take slightly longer than normal.

If you have questions, please get in touch with the Generation Pup team via email – Thank you very much for your continued support and commitment to the project during these uncertain times.

January 01 2021: Dog of the Month!

This is Poppy. A huge thank you to Poppy and his owner, Jilly, for participating in Generation Pup. Jilly told us “Poppy has the most soft nature. She is very loving, loves her toys, and she adores her playmate Rosie that she lives with”.

December 01 2020: Dog of the Month!

This is Izzy. A huge thank you to Izzy and her owner, Helen, for participating in Generation Pup. Helen told us “Izzy has been a Generation Pupper for two years. She is full of energy and very clever. She loves playing ball and Frisbee”.

November 01 2020: Dog of the Month!

This big handsome boy is Bruce. A huge thank you to Bruce and his owner, Megan, for participating in Generation Pup. Megan told us “Bruce is a loveable giant who is full of energy. He loves to play fetch and he always puts a smile on people’s faces!”.

October 14 2020: It’s time for the AUTUMN newsletter!!

The Generation Pup Autumn 2020 newsletter is out now!! Wondering how many puppies have been recruited? Want to read about our published results, the new “Owner Personality” survey, latest project updates and meet some of the pups? If so, click here to view the newsletter.