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Could your dog be our next ‘Pup of the Month’?

We are now recruiting puppies from anywhere in the UK/ROI, of any breed or cross-breed. If your puppy is under 16 weeks of age please consider signing up, and joining the Generation Pup community. You could help us to make Generation Pup a once in a lifetime study with benefits for all of dogdom! Plus your puppy could be chosen as ‘Pup of the Month’.

Project news

Adorable Annie is our Generation Pup of the Month for June!

Annie’s owner kindly shared these words with us “Annie is a Sprocker Spaniel pup who enjoys a bath! Although she looks black & white, the white has a tint of rusty brown and the bottoms of her feet are brown. Sometimes she can teach the angels how to behave and other times she can teach the devil new tricks so life is never boring!”  We are so grateful to all of our Generation Pup puppy owners for their time and dedication to this research project.  We love learning all about your puppies!

How sweet is little Rani?! Introducing our gorgeous Pup of the Month for May

Rani loves to go training and retrieving.  She is from a long line of working dogs and hopes to follow in her parents’ footsteps.  We are so grateful to Rani’s owners for sharing their ‘puppy experiences’ with us.  If you would like your puppy to feature in our Pup of the Month competition please send a photo and a few words to  Thanks again to all our puppy owners and pups!

Beautiful ‘Tazzie’…our Generation Pup of the Month for April!!!

This beautiful pup is Tazzie, our pup of the month for April! Poor Tazzie didn’t have the best start in life.  She and her brother were abandoned when they were only a few days old, but just look at her now – happy and healthy at 6 months of age! Thank you to Tazzie and her owner for their involvement in the Generation Pup research project!  If you would like to enter your pup into the draw for pup of the month please send a picture of your pup to  Thank you!

Introducing the handsome Ralph! Ralph is our Generation Pup of the month for March

Ralph is a 9 month old Cavachon.  One of his favourite things is getting muddy on walks so it’s lucky he quite likes baths too!  Christine, Ralph’s owner, says that after all those walks there’s nothing he likes better than snuggles on the sofa!  We are so grateful to Christine and Ralph for their participation in the Generation Pup research project.

Meet gorgeous puppy Tilly! Our Generation Pup of the Month for February

This is beautiful Tilly, our February Generation Pup of the Month! Thank you to Tilly and her owner for their involvement in the Generation Pup research project!  If you are an owner of a Generation Pup dog and would like to be considered for next month’s Pup of the Month, please send a photo and a sort description of your puppy to  Thank you for your support!