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Privacy and Sharing Data

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Institutions we share pseudonymised data with for research purposes

Here is a list of Universities and research organisations that we share pseudonymised data with. The list is updated from time to time. (Last updated 20th October 2021)

For research purposes, pseudonymised data from the Generation Pup project has been shared with the following institutions:

  • Royal Veterinary College (UK)
  • University of Bristol (UK)
  • University of Cambridge (UK)
  • University of Exeter (UK)
  • University of Liverpool (UK)

Applications for access to data from the Generation Pup project are being processed from the following institutions. We intend to share pseudonymised data with these institutions for research purposes, providing the applications are approved and data sharing agreements are in place*:

  • Morris Animal Foundation (USA)
  • University of Edinburgh (UK)

In order to access veterinary notes via databases held by other research groups, we are sharing Generation Pup Dog ID numbers and/or microchip numbers with the following research groups*:

  • None at present

*Please note that the sharing of your data with the above institutions will only take place if you have consented to it.

Privacy Policy

We treat your personal information with care and respect your privacy.  Your data are only accessible within Dogs Trust to the Generation Pup research team and supporting data/IT experts within Dogs Trust.  We do not share your information with other teams at Dogs Trust, or with its subsidiaries. Your personal information is never shared with third parties for their own marketing purposes.  Subject to individual consent provided by Generation Pup participants, we sometimes share data with universities or other research institutions that we hold data sharing agreements with.  These are listed here: (as updated from time to time) (some of which may be based outside of the UK), for the purposes of carrying out research for the benefit of dogs and their owners. For more information about how we look after and analyse your data, please visit our privacy policy

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